Shades of Blue

By: Anne Corke

Jun 12 2011

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Category: Rural Nature

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Focal Length:72mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

What’s your favourite colour? My personal favourite is green, but blue runs a very close second. Perhaps it’s because these are the two predominant colours in nature, blue the colour of the sky, green the colour of the fields below. But blue, true blue, is more rare. As an observer of the natural world, blue always grabs my attention. In the spring, what could be a more welcome sight than the first bluebird of the year. These cheeky little birds with their sweet songs and their brilliant blue plumage brighten our cool spring days. It seems as if they’ve brought a piece of the sky down from above for us to admire. More rare, another beautiful blue bird, the indigo bunting occasionally graces our backyard with his presence. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen this beauty. (I did manage on one such occasion to take a picture of him at the feeder. I will search for it and add it to a later blog.) Of course, the bluejays are always around but strangely, perhaps because they are so common, these blue birds do not capture my imagination as the little bluebird does. Blue butterflies do! And blue flowers, too. The ethereal blue of the flax, the deep blue of the gentian, the royal blue of the majestic delphinium, all are highlights in the garden. And perhaps one day there will be a true blue daylily for my collection! So, are you feeling blue? If so, get out in the garden and just see how a glimpse of blue can brighten your day!

Copyright 2011 Anne Corke

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