Hills and Valleys

By: Anne Corke

Jun 18 2011

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Category: Rural Nature

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I love the rolling hills of this place that I call home. Perhaps because I spent my early years in the flatlands of southwestern Ontario, I have a particular appreciation for the wonderful landscapes which now surround me. Perhaps because my father and his ancestors came from the hills and valleys of southeast Wales, pictured here, I have an affinity for the long vistas which draw your eyes into the distance. There is something calming about the rise and fall of the land, something reminiscent of the rise and fall of waves, something primeval which calls to me. It’s interesting that the world’s largest Buddhist temple is now under construction in the Bethany hills. Apparently the site was chosen because it is central to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, but I suspect that the natural beauty of the area was a deciding factor in it’s selection. If you have ever attended 4th Line Theatre, you will know that part of the appeal of their productions is the stunning setting of the surrounding hills. If you have ever driven south on County Road 10 into the village of Millbrook, you will have marvelled at it’s picturesque valley setting. The experts say that our society is nature deficit. If you are feeling that way, get off the highway, explore the backroads. Stop and breathe in the fresh air. Relax. Be calm. Reconnect with the amazing beauty of this little piece of heaven that we call home.

Copyright 2011 Anne Corke

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