Country Life

By: Anne Corke

Jul 19 2011


Category: Rural Nature

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The other evening, my husband, my sister and I were enjoying a cup of tea on the deck, accompanied by Sophie and Danny, our Lakeland terriers. As we watched the birds flitting in and out of the yard, I suddenly spotted a female deer in the field beyond our fence. She was standing straight on to us, staring at our little gathering, ears up and forward like radar dishes. Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me and I knew if I got up to fetch it, surely the spell would be broken and she would bolt. As we stared at each other, small movements of the corn around her suggested the presence of a fawn, although we didn’t actually see him. Eventually she turned and ambled off to the west, down to the valley, to bed down for the night. It was one of those magical moments that reminds you how lucky you are to live in the country.

In our thirty plus years living in the “wilds” north of Springville, we have watched a family of foxes playing on the hill across the street. I have held a delightful wee star-nosed mole, marvelling at his dusky grey, oh so soft coat, his feet like little shovels, and that amazing wiggly pink nose. I have encountered deer sauntering across our road as I walked the dogs in the early morning. We have seen coyotes munching on frozen apples under our old apple tree in the depths of winter. All year long, we are visited by a dazzling array of beautiful birds, each with their own special song. In the summer garden, butterflies flit back and forth, Mourning Cloak, Monarch, Swallowtail, Viceroy, Red Admiral and Painted Lady. Interesting insects traverse our gardens, praying mantis, stick insects, cicadas, millipedes and fuzzy bumblebees. I have watched snapping turtles lay their eggs in the sand on the shoulder of our road and waited anxiously for the tiny turtles to hatch and make a mad dash for the safety of the pond. In the country, we are in tune with the changing seasons, relishing the fresh vibrant spring leaves on our trees and six months later, their kaleidoscope of fabulous fall folliage. We gaze up at the starry night sky and watch the moon wax and wane. We watch in wonder the fascinating, ever-changing clouds, the rainbows arcing across the valley and the Northern lights shimmering in the dark. On a bright autumn morning, I have photographed a field of cobwebs shining with dew. On our road, I have crossed paths with frogs, garter snakes, muskrat and beaver.  Perhaps because we never know what we might spy on any given day, we tend to be more observant than our city cousins. Life in the country makes us aware that our world is constantly changing, and reminds us to appreciate the little wonders that each day brings.

Copyright 2011 Anne Corke

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