Picture This!

When I was in my teens, my mother used to admonish me for taking endless pictures of skies. “Why don’t you take some pictures of people?”, she bemoaned. And she was right, as mothers usually are. Although I did try to take more people photos to please her, I now realize I should have taken many, many more. Rather than wait for special events, I should have taken pictures of people in their everyday surroundings doing everyday things.  After all, most cherished memories are not of the big occasions. No, they’re usually very ordinary moments in our lives. I have an old photo taken in the late 50’s of the family helping Mum with the dishes after Christmas dinner.  A very ordinary situation, doing dishes, but what priceless memories it evokes. Memories of family and friends (some sadly no longer with us), of Christmas turkeys and Sunday roasts of beef, of the house where we lived, of my childhood, of “the way things used to be” as the song says. These pictures may not be photographic masterpieces but they are records of our lives and experiences. Treasured memories for us, family history for our children and grandchildren. So grab your camera and get shooting. Capture those people, those places, those moments which will never happen again, and share them with family and friends. Don’t leave them languishing on your hard drive. Print them out for your album or have a photobook made. In years to come, you’ll be glad you did.

Copyright 2011 Anne Corke

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