The Inbetween Time

By: Anne Corke

Jan 31 2012

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Category: Poetry, Rural Nature


Focal Length:4mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX P500

The Inbetween Time

Holiday celebrations are over
Good cheer replaced by old routines
I hunker down to wait out the winter

Bleak days and bone-chilling nights
Mark the early weeks of the New Year
Wearing down my good humour

But just as my spirit is sinking,
A bright, blue, sparkling day lifts me
Out of my gloomy disposition
To remind me of winter’s beauty.

As the day dawns
The hibernal sunrise
Blazes over the eastern horizon
Setting the drifts of snow aglow

I perch on the couch
Basking in the sun’s comforting warmth
Sipping my morning tea
Contemplating the new day

The morning brightens
Birds flock to the feeders
To fortify themselves
Against the frigid night to come

Mourning doves and chickadees
Downy woodpeckers and juncos,
Goldfinches by the dozen
And raucous blue jays
Lending welcome animation
To the still, cold morning

Crystal fields flash and glitter
In the ascending rays of the sun
Like a Broadway marquee

I look out over my garden,
Where spring bulbs
Sleep under their snowy blanket
Awaiting their wake-up call
And my daylilies dream

Later, in down jacket
And soft silk scarf,
I walk with my dogs
Over squeaking snow
Breathing in fresh Arctic air
Breathing out warm clouds of steam

As evening approaches
The sunset paints the sky
In pastel hues of blue
And mauve and peach

Colours morph and fade
As the stars begin to gleam
Across the indigo curtain of the night
Ending a picture perfect winter’s day.

Copyright 2012 Anne Corke

2 comments on “The Inbetween Time”

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It’s so easy to forget to be greatful. thank you.

  2. Anne, you truly are an artist, and your life is your masterpiece. Beautiful poem.

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