The Saracen Saga

In my previous post, “An Incredible Journey”, I talked about my Saracen family, the people that I am in touch with who also have ties to my Dad’s submarine HMS Saracen. One of those is scriptwriter Terry Hodgkinson who has been trying for some time to find a film company which would be interested in producing a documentary about Saracen, and to find an undersea explorer who would take on the task of finding her remains. Last week I had some good news from Terry. The French government’s underwater archaeological unit based in Marseille has a new research vessel, the Andre Malraux, which will be in Bastia, Corsica, later this month. And thanks to Terry’s efforts, they have agreed to search for Saracen, and photograph her, if she’s found. (The film and pictures will be sent to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum for positive identification.) Not only that, they will send the Andre Malraux back to Corsica next year for the 70th anniversary celebrations of the liberation. And, the Bastia lifeboat will be available to take families out to the spot where Saracen lies to lay wreaths on the water and make their own personal tributes. And, there’s more! French TV wants to be involved and the Daily Telegraph in the UK want to run an article about Saracen. It seems that finally the time is right for Saracen’s story to be told to the world. My Dad would be so proud.

Painting courtesy of Ann Nicholas, granddaughter of Charles Nicholas, crewmate of Dad’s

Copyright 2012 Anne Corke

2 comments on “The Saracen Saga”

  1. My Father-in-law Len Roberts was no the Saracen and this is very exciting news
    Let’s hope it works out.

  2. My husbands grandad was on the Saracen Ernie Bell too.

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