Thanksgiving Day 2012 – Altered Perspectives

By: Anne Corke

Oct 13 2012


Category: Life stories, Rants

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I have been remiss in not keeping up my blog but I’ve had other things on my mind. After a long drawn out battle with esophageal cancer (chemo, radiation, surgery, 11 weeks in hospital (2 in critical care) and 18 months recovery), my husband has been diagnosed with bone cancer and given a year to live. While we are trying to carry on as usual to the best of our ability, it’s very hard to accept that, during the next few months, he will likely celebrate his last birthday, our last anniversary, our last Christmas. I am sad but also full of rage that he has fought so hard to survive only to be condemned by the spread of this bloody cancer. And worst of all, I know we are not alone in this battle. It seems everyone’s life is touched by cancer these days. Perhaps it’s just a consequence of general increased longevity or perhaps we’ve poisoned ourselves with chemicals. Whatever the case, this horrid disease, in it’s many guises, is killing our family and friends at an alarming rate. I sometimes wonder how much value we’ve gotten from those millions and millions of dollars raised each year for cancer research. In my darker moments, I wonder, if they did find a cure, would people be paid off to keep it quiet as cancer treatment has become such a huge “industry”. I find myself depressed and short tempered as I struggle to come to terms with this diagnosis which is changing my family’s lives so drastically. To those of you out there who are also dealing with cancer, I send my very best wishes and all the positive energy that I can muster as you battle this demon disease. I hope and pray that one day very soon we will finally find an answer to this epidemic. And on this day of Thanksgiving, may we all learn to appreciate every single moment of every day with family and friends. 

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