Taking time…

By: Anne Corke

Feb 03 2013

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It would appear that the latest must-have item for the “on the go” family is the Keurig brewing system. All you do is pop a K-cup into the machine and it produces the beverage of your choice in record time. Is it just me or is everyone obsessed with saving time so they can hurry to their next destination or project, hurry through that, and hurry off again? One of the nicest things about retirement is that your time is your own. Yes, I could brew my tea more quickly with a machine but why? I would prefer to take the time to brew it myself. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll grab a teabag, but I much prefer to use loose leaf tea and perform my own little tea ceremony! Here is a typical morning scenario at the Corke residence. First I must fill the kettle with fresh cold water and put it on to boil. Next, I select a mug which suits my mood (see earlier post on mugs). (Of course, some of you purists will be thinking that I should make a pot but I seldom do as Gary often drinks a different kind of tea. However the teapot does come out on occasion, and when it does, I always fill the pot with hot water to warm it before I make the tea!) As I was saying, I select a mug, and I then open the cupboard to reveal my shelf of tins of tea. (Since David’s Teas came to Peterborough, I have quite an extensive collection from which to choose.) I select the tea that strikes my fancy and bring the tin down to the counter. Now I must choose a method of containing the tea. I have a number of infusers but my two favourites are a hinged sterling silver spoon infuser and a silver bell-shaped one, both of which belonged to my mother. I think this morning, I’ll use the spoon – it’s a good size for one mug of tea. I open the tin of tea and bring it to my nose that I might inhale that blend’s own special perfume. I use my tea measure to put just the right amount into the infuser which is then placed in the mug. I check the brewing instructions for the chosen tea, noting the water temperature and time, and pour the water into my mug. Next I set the timer and inhale the sweet steamy vapours of the brewing tea while I gaze out the window and contemplate the new day. When the chime sounds, I remove the infuser and place it on a teabag holder – I know that I’ll be able to get another brew from these leaves later in the day. I add my milk and sugar, cradle my mug with both hands and head to the table where I can sit and sip while I come to! A lot of bother, you might say. Well, perhaps, but I enjoy the brewing process almost as much as my morning tea. Why not try it. Slow down and smell the roses, or in this case, the tea. Take time for yourself, brew yourself a cuppa and savour it! Time may wait for no man, but in my house, it waits for tea! Cheers!

Copyright 2013 Anne Corke

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