Of Reds and Redwings

By: Anne Corke

Mar 19 2014

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Category: Soccer

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With the return this week of the red-winged blackbirds, I am finally allowing myself to believe that spring is imminent and that soon this long, cold winter will be just a bitter memory. Another sign that spring is in the air is the beginning of the MLS (Major League Soccer) season and we Toronto FC fans have reason to feel optimistic this year. With several major signings in the off-season, it’s obvious that TFC management have their eyes on the prize and the fans couldn’t be happier. Toronto travelled to Seattle last weekend for their season opener and came away with a 2-1 win. This Saturday they play their first home game at BMO Field and although we won’t be there, we’ll be watching. I expect the fans will give the boys an amazing welcome. Jeremy and I hope to attend more games this year. It’s wild and loud and we love it! (Must remember to print out the song sheet – you have to join in the singing at a game, it’s part of the fun!) Over ‘ome, my favourite team, Manchester United, are having a rough season following the retirement of manager Alex Ferguson. But today they played a brilliant game in UEFA competition and made my day (though the dogs were somewhat alarmed by all the yelling and clapping). I suppose I should really be a Newcastle fan since I was born in Tynemouth, but I started following football as a teenager in the heady days of Best, Charlton and Law and have been a United supporter ever since. Football is the only sport that I follow. Given my Dad’s enthusiasm for the game and my British background, it’s not surprising that I got hooked. There’s a simplicity about it – all you need is a couple of people and a ball. No body armour, no helmets, no expensive equipment. It’s a rather civilized game compared to many others, none of that fighting that we see in hockey to detract and delay. And there’s a beautiful flow to football that you just don’t see in other sports. Yes, I am eagerly looking forward to my next game, the chants, the songs, the drums, the banners, the scarves, Bitchy the BMO Field guardian, the $10 beer – well, maybe not the $10 beer. Let’s go you Reds! TFC forever.

Copyright 2014 Anne Corke

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