The Gift

So I’ve been doing alright lately but tonight I had a little cry. In this morning’s mail was a thank you letter and a certificate from the Eye Bank acknowledging the gift of Gary’s eyes. It’s not that I’m not pleased to receive these documents, it’s just that it’s a reminder of his death and of our loss.

I was surprised when I received a phone call from a representative of the Trillium Gift of Life Network early in the evening of the day of Gary’s death. While we had both decided long ago that we would be happy to donate any useful organs when we no longer needed them, we knew that Gary’s would not be acceptable because of the numerous cancers that were killing him. I was not aware that his eyes, specifically his corneas, could still be donated and used to restore someone else’s sight. Jeremy and I immediately agreed, knowing that this is what Gary would have wanted. And we took some comfort in knowing that, through this one positive step, Gary was able to help improve another person’s life. It was the only bright spot in that devastating day. And I’d like to think that somenone somewhere has that same twinkle in their eye that Gary had, the one that foretold of some awful pun about to be delivered, that told you he was up to something, that let you know that you were loved. A fine gift indeed.

Copyright 2014 Anne Corke

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