By: Anne Corke

Aug 07 2014

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Category: Gardening, Ontario, Rural Landscapes, Rural Nature

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August has arrived and summer is starting to wind down. This morning I noticed a splash of purple on a pagoda dogwood beside the road. And the very tips of the sugar maple leaves are turning scarlet. Some friends are declaring this the summer that wasn’t what with lower than normal temperatures and unsettled weather but not being a fan of heat and humidity, I’m quite happy with it. I particularly love the cool nights, windows wide open listening to the coyotes calling. Day is dawning later and night is falling earlier. Where in midsummer the dogs would have me up at 5:30 now they allow me to sleep another hour. All manner of fabulous fresh Ontario produce is available at the farmers’ markets. (There’s a peach pie baking in the oven as we speak and it smells wonderful.) The gardens are starting to look a bit bedraggled although there’s still quite a bit of bloom. But before too long the last of the late daylilies will be done and the wonderful long-lasting blooms of the coneflowers will have to carry the show on their own. Fall is waiting in the wings, that season of brilliant blue skies, cool crisp air, goldenrod and asters, spiders’ webs in the morning mist, stunning autumn foliage and smells of fallen leaves, fresh furrows and ripe apples. Fall is Halloween, glowing moons and pumpkin pie. It’s fall fairs and ploughing matches. It’s fluffy duvets and cuddly sweaters. It’s a time to breathe deep and relax after all that gardening, before all that shovelling! I love fall.

Copyright 2014 Anne Corke

One comment on “Transition”

  1. A lovely post. Just now I went for my night stroll around the garden and found myself thinking: Summer is almost done. I wish we had just one more month of summer…. August: “aw…just” one more month of summer, please. But I loved this summer. As did our gardens and lawn. I am with you on not liking the heat and humidity.

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