The Winter Blahs

By: Anne Corke

Feb 22 2015

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Please excuse me but I’m having a winter moment. What is it with winter? All summer long I delay those tasks which seem most suited to those long cold winter nights. Ah yes, when winter comes, I’ll sort all my photos, I’ll organize my cupboards, I’ll go through my wardrobe, I’ll… Then winter comes, my ambition goes into hibernation and those tasks are never accomplished. November and December are a writeoff what with Christmas parties and preparations. And having lost many family members in January, I seem to spend the entire month in melancholy reminiscence, longing for days gone by. By the time February rolls around, I am becoming increasingly weary of winter, of shovelling snow, of donning multiple layers of clothing against the bone-chilling winds, of walking the same route every day with the dogs because our parks are inaccessible, of driving through the car wash only to find the car’s dirty again by the time I get home. Yes, I am weary, depressed and totally unmotivated to tackle that winter to-do list. I wile away the morning, lingering over a second cup of tea at breakfast, checking emails and social media, watching the news repeat itself every half hour. I wander to the bedroom to make my bed and end up lying down again, cuddling with the dogs. Sometimes we have a little singsong. The three of us belt out ‘Danny Boy’ at the top of our lungs and collapse back down again to recuperate from the effort. I rise when Sophie and Danny leap off the bed and morning Lakie races commence. And of course I have to observe the races in case a fight breaks out (that kills another ten minutes). Finally I make the bed, brush my teeth and get dressed. Now it’s time for our morning walk. On go the boots, sweater, scarf, coat, hat and gloves, and off we go out the door to face down winter. On bitterly cold days, Sophie may not make it beyond the end of the driveway before she digs in her heels and turns back towards the house. Sometimes I try carrying her up the street in hopes she may change her mind and walk a bit further. If not, we head back indoors, the dressing having taken more time than the actual walk, if you can call it that. And guess what, it’s almost lunch time, no point in starting any big project now. After lunch, well, how about one more cup of tea? And by mid-afternoon I’m too dozy to concentrate on anything so I lay down for a wee nap. By the time I get moving again, it’s time for our afternoon walk. Now, what’s for dinner. I don’t really feel like cooking. Maybe I should just pop out for a burger. But it’s so cold, and I’d have to get all dressed up again. Besides, it’s getting dark. I can’t be bothered to go out. I’ll just make a peanut butter sandwich. At least there won’t be many dishes to wash. And afterwards, another cup of tea. See how easy it is to procrastinate in winter. Unfortunately procrastination is often accompanied by guilt, guilt over wasting precious time, guilt over lack of accomplishment, guilt at wishing your life away yearning for spring when you know that in spring you’ll be complaining about sloppy roads and muddy paws, guilt that not one item on that to-do list has been struck off. And sometimes that guilt is enough to spark a late day last ditch effort and you find yourself sorting through drawers and cupboards into the evening so that you can sleep at night knowing you have actually accomplished something today. What games we play with ourselves. Guess my winter to-do list will have to carry forward to next winter. In the meantime, excuse me while I put the kettle on and check my email again. Stay warm.

Copyright 2015 Anne Corke

One comment on “The Winter Blahs”

  1. This is charming, Anne.

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