A Beautiful Day

By: Anne Corke

Jan 02 2017

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Category: dogs, Life stories, Peterborough Ontario


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This morning was one of those beautiful winter mornings that even I (not a winter person) can appreciate. I took the dogs into town for a walk at Beavermead Park. The sun was shining down on sparkling white snow, the temperature was hovering around 0C and there was only a hint of a breeze. People must still be busy with holiday company and activities as there were only three cars in the parking lot and we encountered just four people as we walked over to Lock 20 and back. It was incredibly peaceful and quiet. Such a contrast to the bustle of summer in the park. Looking out over Little Lake, the layered effect of the snow, the ice and the open water created a lovely white, grey and blue backdrop for the park benches along the path. (No, I didn’t have the camera with me. Sometimes I just like to enjoy the moment though I have to admit that I really wanted to share some ideas for good shots with a lady who was in the park to take photos). As we walked, I chatted away to Sophie and Danny. Sophie’s sight is limited now so I find myself warning her about obstacles while I steer her around them. I’m not sure if she understands but at least she always knows where I am by my voice. Danny and I ‘discussed’ animal tracks we come across and abandoned sticks that he may wish to carry back to the car. It was such a perfect morning for a leisurely stroll that we stopped often to check out the smells (I leave that to the dogs), to watch squirrels scrambling through the trees, to listen to the birds, to catch the twinkle of the sun on the open water. I’m happy to have my two furry companions to share the walk. They take such joy from the simple day-to-day pleasures, a ride in the car, a walk in the park with your friends, a snooze in the sun when we return home. Life is good.

2 comments on “A Beautiful Day”

  1. Such a great visual you paint Anne! If you’d ever like some himan companionship on these walks – give me a buzz!

  2. Or HUMAN… human is WAY nicer than himen.

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