Back in touch

By: Anne Corke

Jan 16 2023

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Category: Life stories

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We all miss the people that we’ve lost through death, family and friends that were such a big part of our lives. But every now and then something brings them back for a moment, a favourite flower, a special song, a familiar place, a shared recipe, and we are once more in their presence, connecting through our thoughts and memories.

And early this morning in my dreams I had a brief visit from my dear sister Claire who we lost last Valentine’s Day. We were together at the cottage in the kitchen with my late husband Gary making breakfast, kidding around, laughing, hugging – all the little things that remind me just how much I miss her.

It’s not uncommon for me to dream of those who have gone before, in particular Gary and my parents ‘keep in touch’ . Sometimes we relive parts of our shared lives, other times we are together in some new sort of situation. But in either case, we are connecting as we did here on earth. The familiar ties, forged through years of love and shared experiences, are still evident in the way the dream plays out. Usually it all ends when I suddenly remember that my loved ones are no longer on this earth. But it’s not so much a sad feeling as a sense of gratitude for the little visit, a reminder that the people who mattered to us in life still matter to us in death, that the bonds are still strong, that love never dies.

Often the last few years of life can be challenging. In my sister’s case, she was suffering from dementia, being stolen away from us bit by bit. But in my dream, she was back in form and we were together once again, for a brief few minutes. And it was wonderful though tears are falling as I write this. Thanks for dropping by Claire. Love you and miss you so much.

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